Nowadays, there are many types of braces available , for different kinds of people, to fix different kinds of orthodontic problems. Today, there are not only metallic braces but there are clear braces, ceramic, lingual and surgical braces as well.
We are living in a very busy era where we are just meant with innovation but there is a long history behind all such innovations. If you continue to explore the history of dental braces along with the timeline, you would be amazed to know that the braces were used by the ancient civilizations like Egyptians and Romans as well. They already had started to ponder about this issue and they had already started to sort this problem via their vintage hacks. That’s why, we can not say that there is a single one who invented braces; however, we can read about the history and the timeline of many important events and attempts that eventually help the people make a successful braces solution for the misaligned teeth.

Ancient 4000 year old Egyptian dentistry

A timelined braces history is taught properly to the dental students under the subject of history of braces timeline or a complete dental braces history. If you are curious to know about the history of braces, especially about the first braces in history and who invented teeth braces, you should go through this whole piece of content to clear all your doubts and queries or anything related to braces history.
It would also clear many of your doubts and the 12 myths about metal braces so you won’t be a biased selector between the invisalign vs braces. Furthermore, you would surely be able to understand a better difference between clear versus metal braces as well.
Let’s start with all the FAQs related to braces history.

FAQs Related to History of Braces

Following are some of the frequently asked questions that surely come into mind of everyone due to a curiosity or some myths that are told by many people. Go through them and clear all your doubts.

When Was the Braces First Invented?

Symbols and icons in ancient Egypt

There are many rumours regarding the very first authentic braces introduction as there had been many attempts in the ancient Egyptian and Roman culture to straighten the teeth somehow; however, one thing that is the most certified about the first braces in history is the very first book regarding braces “The Surgeon Dentist”. In this book, Prierre Fauchard had written about a specific bandeau shaped device which looked like a mouthguard and it would make the teeth stay in their correct position. That’s why Pierre Fauchard is called the father of modern dentistry.

Did NASA Invent Braces?

US space agency NASA

No! NASA did not invent the traditional metal braces as the first one to do but NASA had somehow helped us to have the invisible braces in 1986.

How Did NASA Create Invisible Braces and Why?

If you would carefully read the history of braces timeline, you might have read NASA had been doing the advanced ceramics research in the late 80s to find a translucent material solution to have flexible properties like rubber having a strength of a steel. They eventually made a material called the polycrystalline alumina and they used it as protection for the infrared antennae on heat-seeking missile trackers.
In 1986 the dentists collaborated with NASA to develop the first invisible braces after trying this material for the teeth straightening function.

Who Was the First Person to Have Braces?

There is a slight difference between the many historians – some think Romans tried the braces at first, others say they were Egyptians; however, most of the historians suggest that it was a Roman person to have the first braces because Romans had attempted the braces for the very first time.

When Did Braces Become Common?

History of braces timeline suggests that braces became popular and common in the early 1900 when people took serious steps to straighten their misaligned teeth.

From the 1900s onwards, the braces term gradually became popular. The first modern dental braces were invented by Christophe-Francois Delabarre in 1819, using a wire to hold each set of two teeth. Then in 1843, Dr. Edward Maynard added elastics to the braces system to improve jaw alignment. Three years later, a person named E.J. Tucker improved the designs of these braces to make them easier to use; however, braces were still expensive and dentists used to wrap the teeth with the bands of different materials and then wired them up against the teeth.

How Braces Work Over Time?

Lisa simpson's braces

The basic phenomenon of braces for straightening teeth is to apply a constant pressure towards our jawline to form straightened or aligned teeth. All those teeth who are little misaligned receive more pressure than those of the aligned one. A tight metallic wire does its job so well that within a few weeks, you may start to feel a difference.
After a few weeks under a constant pressure, you may feel that your jaw has been transformed under this constant pressure; moreover, your misaligned teeth have also been adjusting to this new jaw position as well. All this happens due to the membrane under the gums that surrounds the gums and roots so this membrane. When we apply the constant pressure via braces, this membrane makes the roots of teeth and bones adjust a bit according to a new suggested wireframe.

That’s why our metallic wires become loose over the span of a few weeks and we have to readjust the braces or tighten the braces even more after observing the new jaw position. That’s how we achieve the ideal teeth alignment after some set of news braces.
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