Orthodontic consultation is the first step of your orthodontic treatment to achieve your ideal smile. Many people have the natural smile while others wish to have a perfect smile with fully aligned teeth. Orthodontics are all about providing the ideal smile to those people who have some misaligned teeth and who are reluctant to smile in public. The orthodontics is all about fixing the misaligned teeth using braces and invisalign. It is to be noted that, orthodontics is performed by a specialized orthodontist and not by a general dentist. You must check the difference between orthodontists and dentists before going to an orthodontics treatment.

This treatment begins with orthodontics consultations. Most people are afraid about taking the very first step because they will not know much about them and they are confused whether these orthodontics consultations are free or there is a specific orthodontic consultation cost. The good news is that you can get free orthodontic consultation most of the time to get started.

What is an Orthodontic Consultation?

Orthodontist offering orthodontics consultation

Orthodontic consultation is the earliest step to begin with orthodontics. If you ever need to go with the orthodontics, you must book your appointment with a professional orthodontist to discuss about the overall procedure, your detailed dental checkup, the most suited way to fix your smile and the expected duration for a complete orthodontic treatment to achieve a perfect smile. Your orthodontist will check your teeth alignment via oral inspection and basic x-ray. The concerned orthodontists may ask you about your medical history and dental history to check whether it is the right time to go with the orthodontic treatment or not and you may also discuss the expected cost.

Questions You Should Ask Your Orthodontist During a Consultation?

Whenever you go for the orthodontics consultations for free or after paying a little amount before booking the orthodontic consultation, you must be prepared for it and you must have a list of questions to be asked from your orthodontist during your orthodontics consultations to clear all your doubts regarding orthodontics treatment.

Following is a list of questions you should not miss during your first orthodontic consultation:

1) Have you received your additional specialization in orthodontics?

2) How much experience do you have practicing orthodontics?

3) Should I go with the braces or invisalign?

4) Can you show me a similar previous case you have dealt with?

5) What are the other orthodontic options for me?

6) What are the pros and cons of different treatment options?

7) What would be the expected time achieving an ideal smile?

8) How many dental visits would you recommend during the whole procedure?

9) What would be the total cost of each orthodontics treatment?

10) What would be the payment options? Would there be some monthly installments?

11) Would this treatment be claimed by my current insurance policy?

Do Orthodontists Put Braces on the First Visit?

three orthodontic braces in a blue background

NO! Your first visit to an orthodontist is just a brief introduction about the orthodontics in general and it is a brief consultation between you and your orthodontist discussing your current teeth condition and how it would be improved.

Many people are unnecessarily afraid that the orthodontist would put braces on their teeth on the first visit.  It is not the case. The first visit to an orthodontist is called an orthodontic consultation and it includes just a normal checkup and general brief about the preferred orthodontic treatment for your teeth.

Do Orthodontics Charge for Consultations?

Dental cost calculation

Normally, the orthodontics consultations are free. Even many orthodontists advertise their free orthodontic consultation services to promote their dental clinic because if anyone were satisfied with any orthodontist after a free consultation, he/she would definitely choose that orthodontist for a complete orthodontic treatment.

There are some expert orthodontists who charge a little for the orthodontic consultations because they have to manage time from their busy schedule and it costs them per hour. That is why, they may charge a little for consultations but their consultations may also involve free dental imaging and X-ray services too. Sometimes, it is worth paying an expert a little to get the best advice.


Therefore, if you are looking for orthodontic services in Stevensville MD, you should consult with your closed circle about the best orthodontist in the town or you should consult a complete guide on how to find the best orthodontist. Having orthodontics consultations for free from an expert orthodontist is the best deal you ever get; however, if you have to pay some cost for orthodontics consultations from an expert, it is still worth it.

A great consultation service from an expert orthodontist may guide you to the best possible orthodontic treatment option for you considering your current teeth condition, your dental history, your medical history, your budget, your daily routine, nature of your work and your insurance policy. Do not opt for any specific orthodontist service on your own, consult with the nearest orthodontist is highly recommended.

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