One of the main reasons for which people consult orthodontics is their non-aligned teeth. The non-alignment ranges between a wide diversity of teeth orientation but the solution is always to apply braces. You might be thinking where do the brackets make entry? Actually, just like braces embrace your teeth, brackets embrace the braces. Now that might be a little confusing for the ones having little or no knowledge about what the orthodontics is. This article contains everything that you need to know as a patient. Not too much but just as what you would need to get the right treatment. Keep reading to clear all your doubts.

What are Brackets for Braces?

Bondable orthodontic brackets

Instead of just looking into it as to what are brackets, you should look into this matter as to what are brackets for braces. You see braces and brackets are two inseparable things and are completely useless without each other.

Now answering the question, as said earlier, brackets actually embrace braces. Orthodontic brackets are, in fact, the main component of braces. They hold the braces in place and apply pressure to align your teeth slowly in a painless and perfect manner.

Talking about their structure, orthodontic brackets are small square-shaped metal components. Most of the remaining components of braces are attached or passed through them. They hold the entire braces in place and perform the main job, i.e., to align the teeth into the right place. There exists a vast range of different types of dental braces as well as different types of orthodontic brackets. Make sure you are using the right ones because without good quality brackets and good implantation of brackets, whole braces will fall out.

Still a little confused? No need to panic. Continue reading. Your remaining doubts will be cleared in the next portion.

How Do Brackets Work on Braces?

Now as you have understood the basics about braces, you are in the position to learn about their working mechanism.

The Role of Orthodontic Brackets

It is well established by now that braces are used to attain the correct alignment of teeth. Different components of braces play their individual roles to attain this final result but brackets play a major role. They play the same role in braces for teeth alignment as the foundation of a building plays in the stability of the building; hence, if you are about to get braces, it is always better to get some knowledge beforehand.

Installation of Orthodontic Brackets

A dentist is preparing the braces for a young boy

The first step in installing braces is to install orthodontic brackets. These metallic squares are attached to your teeth using bonding cement. This biologically friendly material adheres the brackets to your teeth and does no harm to your mouth. Total 32 brackets, one on each tooth, are bonded using the bonding cement. This is how the foundation of braces in established. Make sure your dentist is using the right bonding cement and right brackets as this will be super important for your treatment.

Working of the Orthodontic Brackets

Once the brackets are installed, the remaining components are connected either to the brackets or are passed through it, like the arch wire. With the whole braces installed, all the components work in harmony to align your teeth in the perfect position. Though each component plays a trivial role, orthodontic brackets always play the most important role. The bonding cement helps the brackets to stay in place and the arch wire using the tension provided by the brackets pushes your teeth into perfect alignment.

How to Clean Your Teeth with Braces On?

A woman is using interdental brush for her orthodontic braces

It is a very important thing to know if you are having your braces. Brushing will only help to a small extent. You will also need to floss regularly. Now, the question is how to floss with braces?

If you know the normal procedure of flossing, it won’t be much harder for you. Just pass the floss between the wire and your teeth. You will need to do that between each pair of brackets.

What if You Feel Uneasy with Metal Brackets?

If you feel uneasy with metal brackets, you can go for clear braces. There exists some difference between clear and metal braces. It gives a bit of a lighter and easier feel as the brackets, in the clear braces, are made of silicon instead of metal.

How to Remove Orthodontic Brackets?

A dentist is removing orthodontic brackets

You cannot remove your brackets on your own. Your orthodontist will do it. It will only be done at the end of the treatment. Actually, at each session, your orthodontist will keep tightening your brackets and as a result, your braces provide a constant push to your teeth. Once you reach the line of perfect alignment, it will be the time to remove your braces. That surely does sound like a great relief but you cannot do that on your own. Consult your orthodontist for the last time; he’ll do that for you.

The Procedure

Though you do not have to do that on your own, there is a little explanation for that so you become prepared for the procedure.

The procedure is actually super short and easy. It may hurt a bit but not too much. Your orthodontist simply loosens your brackets. A small metal apparatus is used for this procedure. Once your orthodontist has loosened each and every one of the brackets, the whole braces are popped up. Removing brackets is actually the removal of braces.

After Work

Though by this time you will be freed of the brackets and hence your braces too, there would still remain some important work to be taken care of. The next two important procedures that need to be taken care of are:

  1. The bad hygiene routines with dental braces accumulate plaque over your teeth. Plus there also exists the bonding cement over your teeth. Both of these need to be cleaned. Your orthodontist will do a complete cleaning of your teeth.
  2. Though braces have perfectly aligned your teeth, there always remains a chance of reverse shifting. This needs to be taken care of. The orthodontist will provide you with a retainer. Use the retainer just as prescribed by him for the best possible results.

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