There are many types of orthodontic braces available in the market. They all help you to have a beautiful and attractive smile with the help of straight and parallel teeth. The main purpose of several orthodontic braces types is to deal with several specific cases. For example, the typical metal braces are cheaper and most rigid; hence, they are perfect for the children. On the other side, invisaligns are the best options for the teenagers who feel shy to wear metallic braces in front of the public. Let’s have a closer look about each type of dental brace and let’s find out which one suits you perfectly.

Types of Orthodontic Braces

Following are some of the most common orthodontic braces types:

  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Self-Ligating Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign

Traditional Metal Braces

Woman wearing traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces are probably the most common type of braces among all types of orthodontic braces. These braces are made up with metallic braces, orthodontic cement and the steel wire. Several metallic brackets for every tooth are placed on teeth with special orthodontic cement and then all brackets are connected with a firm steel wire to provide a strong grip. Then a tiny elastic tie is used to provide grip to the wire and make it stable in its place. They are the cheapest braces option. Most people prefer these traditional metal braces for the children because they are firm, rigid and cheaper. You can easily afford the metal braces cost. Moreover, children won’t be able to pull them off and they can deal with complex unarranged teeth problems too.

Some people find them an old fashioned technique and they are unsure about choosing them because they think they are too old to adopt and they are not capable of dealing with modern teeth complexity. It is just a myth. Some people think that the metallic wire can cause some oral allergy-it’s also just a myth because they are completely safe. Similarly, there are some myths about metal braces which need to be rejected. Infact, they are still safe, cheap and too strong to be worn off with ease; hence, the best option for your children.

Self Ligating Braces

Self ligating braces parts

Self ligating braces are among traditional orthodontic braces types where there are no elastic ties used to make the wire strict; rather, fixed clips are used for this purpose.They are more mobile and user friendly than metallic braces.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces in mouth

Ceramic braces are just like metallic braces except they are less visible and their brackets are made of ceramic. These ceramic brackets are not as prominent as the metallic braces. Further, they can also be colored to match with the teeth as well, so people won’t be able to notice them. Many teenagers and the adults find the ceramic braces a better solution than metallic braces because they feel shy to wear the visible metallic braces in public. That’s why they choose the ceramic braces over metallic ones.
The ceramic braces are less visible but they are expensive as compared to the metallic braces. They need to be treated with much care as their ceramic brackets can easily be stained and broken. That’s why it is advised to not eat or drink any alcoholic or stained item while wearing the ceramic braces.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces image

Lingual braces are probably the best possible option among braces because they are placed behind the teeth, not in front. The metallic wire and the brackets are placed behind the teeth, so they are not visible to anyone. It is preferred by the adults and the teenagers who are shy or unconfident.


Invisalign braces

Invisalign is among the recent revolutions regarding orthodontic braces types. Invisalign can be defined by its name, invisible alignment. It means, you can have your teeth aligned with invisalign without getting noticed by everyone. It is a clear and transparent aligner which needs to be worn to get your teeth aligned. There are no individual brackets involved. Only one single aligner can help you achieve the straight teeth. You can easily remove the invisalign before eating or sleeping so there is also no worry of keeping them clean. Invisalign is a costly option among teeth alignment options such as metallic braces or other types of orthodontic braces but they are suitable for shy adults. That’s why some adults prefer invisalign compared to metal braces.


These are the major 5 types of orthodontic braces which are used to provide the straight and aligned teeth. Typical metallic braces are used to provide a firm grip while dealing with complex cases, preferred for children. Self ligating braces won’t require the custom elastic ties to provide grip to the wire; hence, they are more mobile and user friendly. They give less pain than metallic braces. Ceramic braces are made from ceramic brackets instead of metallic brackets. They are less visible as they can also be colored to match with the surrounded teeth. Lingual braces are placed inward not outward; hence, they are not visible. Invisalign is the customized aligner which is not visible and it can be removed before eating or sleeping. So, it is the most feasible yet expensive option.
Nowadays, there are many braces options available in the market but you have to meet with the professional dentist to get the best possible solution for your specific case. You should look for the ‘braces dentist near me’ to find the best possible braces dentist suggestions.

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