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If you ever need any kind of orthodontic services insurance, you need to go with the best insurance companies that actually cover the orthodontic insurance. Remember, only a few dental companies actually cover the orthodontic services-rest of the companies just cover the general dentistry. You must know a complete orthodontic definition so you may know how to find the best orthodontist near you.  

Top 5 Dental Insurance Companies Actually Covering the Orthodontic Services

Following are the top 5 insurance companies related to orthodontic services. 

  1. Delta Dental
  2. Aetna
  3. Humana
  4. Cigna
  5. AFLAC

Delta Dental

Delta dental logo

Delta Dental is a largest insurance network containing more than 1 Lac dental and more than 35 millions registered users. It is among highly applauded insurance coverage rated as A graded orthodontic dental coverage plan. Delta Dental usually has 3 major insurance plans that may cover all the dental problems including the orthodontics. 

  • Delta dental premier service deals with all the networking services to provide the free of cost services to all its network members. 
  • Delta dental pro offers the discounted services to its network members. It covers the out-of-pocket costs regarding orthodontic services. 
  • Delta Care is a prepaid plan having no annual deductibles or premiums. It allows you to have the cheapest orthodontic services nationwide. 


Aetna insurance logo

Aetna is another popular dental insurance company that gives you an option of having a discounted orthodontic insurance. Their large dental insurance network consists of more than 13 million members and their monthly membership would cost you just $10 on average which is the cheapest dental insurance plan for orthodontic services like braces. 

Aetna offers you two different plans to choose from. First one is the Aetna Direct and the second option is the Aetna Vital discount card. The Aetna direct option provides you all the general dentistry services with a 10 to 15% discount;however, you have to choose the Aetna Vital discount card to deal with different types of orthodontic braces and advanced orthodontic surgery options. 


Humana insurance logo

Unfortunately, it does not deal with the individuals anymore due to their rapidly growing affiliate model. They were struggling to cope with each and every individual and they were getting some bad reviews from the individuals, so now they are just dealing with groups to make their customer service better. 

The best thing about Humana is its most flexible list of multiple dental plans to choose from the specific Humana dental insurance providers. 

The few of the top dental plans are listed below:

  • Humana HMO provides you the cheapest possible dental treatment but it is only limited to the limited dental services provided by just network members. 
  • Humana PRO provides you more flexibility and you may get some of the orthodontic insurance coverage from outside of the network too. 
  • Humana Indemnity plan offers you to choose the favorite dental services provider. 

They have their own website and the application where you can get many plans and options to choose from. 


Cigna insurance logo

Cigna is yet another top insurance company that provides health insurance including dental insurance. Cigna has an attractive offer of just one time $50 and you can get any kind of orthodontic insurance coverage up to 1 year. If you want the same offer for your family, you can get this best insurance coverage for your whole family in just $150

Further, becoming a part of Cigna Network, you may get a discount upto 50% of the negotiated price for any kind of dental work from any of the registered dental offices in the network. 


Aflac insurance logo

American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC) offers you to have dental insurance as a supplement with the regular insurance plans.  It won’t provide you a stand alone dental insurance to cover the orthodontics but you may add the supplementary rider along with your regular Aflac insurance policy. There is no fixed premium or annual cost, it only depends on your desired type of dental insurance. Obviously, if you want your dental insurance to deal with the orthodontics too, it may cost you a slightly higher price than normal dental insurance. AFLAC surely does not provide you the best insurance for orthodontics but it helps you to choose your specific rider having most of your desired qualities-it provides the most customized dental insurance. You have to personally contact them to get your desired customized dental insurance plan. 

All of the mentioned above companies offer the best dental insurance services to cover the orthodontics;however, their specific monthly or annual charges may vary a lot. So, you have to be careful while getting the best insurance plan. Further, please make sure that the particular insurance for orthodontics is valid for orthodontic services in Eastern Shore MD or your preferred state. 

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