Many people hear they may need braces the horrors of the internet stories take control. You may hear that if you go through a metal detector it will go off or even that your wires and brackets will leave you with a rusty mouth. Rest assures that these are only rumors. There are so may braces facts myths that frighten everyone when researching metal braces. However I am here to provide you with the necessary braces facts and tips, braces tips for pain and braces care tips. You will never have to question the process of metal braces ever again. The necessary braces facts myths would include:

1) Braces Interfere With Cell Phone and Radio Towers

The metal designed to assemble your braces may look a lot like what your tv and radio antennas are made of. As well as the wires used to keep your brackets lined may resemble the look of the wires used for cell phone towers. The metal used to design the look and comfort of braces is nothing compared to what is used for digital signals. Your braces are not going to conduct radio signals and start playing music even thought that would be awesome.

2) Braces Make it Impossible to Play any Instrument

A Girl Playing Music

Just like with any new attachments you will always have an adjustment period, where you have to get used to new things. This is no different with playing an instrument and having brand new braces. It is very possible to play an instrument while having metal braces.

3) Your Braces Will Rust


When metal and water are combined for a certain time frame, rust may occur. This will never happen with your metal braces, due to the type of metal used in your braces. Your braces are made with titanium alloy, which is designed to stay away from rusting. You can wear your braces for six months or three years and never experience rusting.

4) Metal Braces Will Set off Metal Detectors

Metal detectors do not alarm officials for every source of metal. The certain metals that are combined to allow patients with a hassle free experience are not detected by metal detectors. You will never have the worries of humiliation when trying to travel and being afraid of metal detectors going off for your braces.

5) If I Kiss Someone Wearing Braces, Our Braces Could Get Locked Together


This is a common gag on television for people wearing metal braces, but the truth behind it is that it’s almost impossible. Thanks to the help of modern technology today’s braces are sleek and smaller. It is super unlikely for two set of braces to get locked together.

6) Braces Permanently Straighten My Teeth


Metal braces are one of the most common effective ways to prove you with straighten teeth. However, over time your teeth may begin to shift back to their original position if you do not follow the braces care tips for after procedures. Remember it is very important to wear your retainer following metal braces treatment.

7) Metal Braces Make it More Likely to be Struck by Lightening

This is one of the most common myths regarding metal braces that are circulated just to scare individuals who seek metal braces. It is patently false! You will not be prone to being struck by lightening for wearing metal braces!

8) My Braces Will Always Cause Pain and Discomfort

Girl in Pain of Braces

This is something that people who have had braces before tell people who are seeking metal braces treatment. The truth is you will experience discomfort as your mouth and teeth adjust to the new attachments but over time the discomfort will go away and you will barley notice they are there anymore.

9) Your Metal Braces Have to be Extremely Tight in Order to Work

You will often hear an adjustment to your braces be called tightening of the braces. Your braces do not have to be tight to the point of no return in order for them to work. The adjusting of the braces indicates the movement of wires to keep alignment and replacement of brackets if needed.

10) You Will Need a Wire Change at Every Appointment

At Dentist

Each appointment scheduled in the time during your treatment plan is to simply assess the progress and make any changes to the treatment to help it along. If your teeth have not moved as they were expected to move or if you are nearing the end of the treatment, your dentist might decide to leave the wires and brackets in a few more weeks.

11) Braces Are Only for Kids and Teens

A kid with Color Braces

While this myth is more of a fact that if someone is going to have braces, it is normally during their teen years. However, some people don’t seek the need for braces until their adult years as well.

12) Metal Brace Treatment Takes a Long Time

This is another one of the most common myth regarding metal braces. The average treatment length for metal braces is typically eighteen months.

There are so many horror stories regarding metal braces and the treatment behind them. One thing we must remember is these are just myths that people put together to scare you.  One common metal brace myth would be that you can not floss having braces, as this is not true. The metal braces flossing method includes by threading the floss through each gap behind the wire in your braces. If you seek metal braces in the Stevensville or Kent Island MD than some dental braces services near you may be Flagship Orthodontics, Mint Dental Care and OX ORTHODONTIX.  Never be afraid of the rumors you hear regarding metal braces. They are so many upsides to this treatment.

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