Root canal filling is an efficient procedure to restore the tooth via filling the tooth with some amalgam of several substances to give you a real experience of the original tooth. After the root canal filling or packing, you won’t feel any cavity or the tooth sensitivity anymore;however, if your root canal filling falls out, you need to recover or replace it urgently. Otherwise, you may feel the same tooth sensitivity and severe tooth pain once again. Some of the root canals are packed with the crowns as well i.e. packing that particular tooth with a protective cap so no bacteria may harm the root canal temporary filling. If that temporary filling falls out, you need to consult your endodontists. Keep reading the following FAQs section about root canal packing and filling,If you are unaware about root canal fillings and you need to know what is root canal, which specific dentist deals with root canal filling, what are the 9 signs of you need root canal treatment and what to ask your endodontist before root canal.

The FAQs Related to Root Canal Filling Fell Out

tooth with root canal treatment filling felt out

Is It Bad If a Tooth Filling Falls Out?

Yes, it is bad but it cannot be rated as worse. The root canal filling or a tooth filling is a process to fill your decayed tooth with an amalgam of several materials to cure the tooth sensitivity. If your recent root canal filling or packing falls out, you may feel the same tooth sensitivity or a severe tooth pain again. There may be some other symptoms that suddenly arise after your root canal packing fell out. You may feel the crack, hole or some sensitivity when you eat or drink. You may feel the continuous mild pain due to air passage towards the cavity while breathing in and out.

What Happens If a Root Canal Filling Falls Out?

If a root canal filling falls out, your teeth are once again prone to the decay. The root canal filling gives the more natural exposure of a complete tooth than a root canal packing by crowns;however, root canal fillings are less durable than packings. So, whenever you tried the filling, you tried to save the tooth from decaying but once the root canal filling fell out, you won’t be rescued from another tooth decay sooner than later. You might come across with a second infection leading to a tooth decay.

What to Do After Filling Fell Out?

Once a root canal packing fell out, you needed to take the proper aftercare of your decayed tooth by removing that particular filling. Anyways, you are not too late. You can try removing the infected filling completely and rinse your teeth with an antibacterial substance to clean the affected area. You can try some dental cement to replace the previous filling or you can simply try consulting with any professional endodontist before worsening the situation. You need to know some important instructions about how to find the best endodontist near you.

How Long Can You Leave a Temporary Filling in After a Root Canal?

A root canal temporary filling may last up to a few weeks. So, you can leave that temporary filling for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, you need to revisit the endodontist about your root canal dental fillings/packings and you need to have them refilled after 6 weeks. Everything is mortal and the dental fillings may be easily disrupted by an unhealthy oral routine. The fillings may be disturbed with the acidic or sugary food because the sugary food invites the bacteria to infect the fillings. If you won’t take care of dental fillings aftercare, you may need to go for a refill after 3-4 weeks.
Remember, there are two options to cover the gap which is created after a root canal treatment. One is about filling the gap with dental fillings and the other one is getting a protective crown for that particular tooth. Both have their own pros and cons, the crowns are more protective than the fillings but the dental fillings may give you a more realistic filling. The crown is not much distrubed by the acidic food or sugary food but the fillings are directly affected by such adventures. Therefore, always choose a wiser option considering your tooth condition and the extent of the tooth decay. Both have their own specific mortal life spans. Ultimately, you need to revisit the endodontist to refill your dental fillings or to buy a new crown for your decayed tooth. An expert endodontist in Stevensville MD can help you find the best possible protective option after a root canal treatment. An expert may guide you with the serval tips for root canal fillings or packing aftercare. So, you may not need to make them replace or repair after just a couple of weeks. Just don’t get panic, take an action to fix the problem and use some affirmations to stay positive.

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