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Pediatric dentistry is all about the orthodontics for kids. Pediatric orthodontics are related to kids orthodontics. Whenever the children need to have any kind of orthodontics, they need to have it from a specialized dentists that are called pediatric dentists. Most people don’t even know about orthodontics yet.

There is a complete list of popular FAQs about orthodontic surgery. Moving on, most people still don’t know the difference between normal orthodontics and pediatric dentists. Whenever they are told about it, they come up with many questions like is there any specific age in which our children should be treated like the best age for adult’s orthodontic treatment?

FAQs about Pediatric Orthodontists

Following are the frequently asked questions about pediatric orthodontists.

What Does a Pediatric Orthodontist Do?

A Pediatric dentist and a happy child

A pediatric orthodontist does all the cosmetic teeth work dealing with aesthetics like dental crowns, bridges, braces and invisalign, but for the children. That’s why it is also called an orthodontist dealing with orthodontics for children/kids. There is a specialized course about the pediatric orthodontist which has to be done after completing a regular dental college. That’s why not every orthodontist is called a pediatric orthodontist.

Should I Take My Child to the Orthodontist?

It is preferred that you should always take your child to the pediatric orthodontists as they are well trained to deal with the children. There are some ethical reasons that your child should be treated only by the orthodontists as they can make your child behave friendly and calm during the whole orthodontic procedure.

Although, in an emergency, you can have your child examined from nearest orthodontics, it is always preferred that your child should get examined and treated by the specialized orthodontics for children.

At What Age Should a Child See an Orthodontist?

A mother is taking her child to Pediatric Orthodontics

It is recommended that a child should see an orthodontist as soon as the first tooth erupts in his mouth, because if there would be any complexity or smaller problems like swelling in mouth, pain in the jaw or any other irregularity in the tooth, would be solved immediately. Normally, you should take your child twice, to see an orthodontist, in a year. If your child has tooth problems after getting the earliest permanent teeth, you must take him to see a pediatric orthodontist quickly.

Can a 7 Years Old Get Braces?

Although it is recommended that your child should get an early oral examination;however, a 7 years old is too early to get braces as there would be much confusion regarding the expected results. There would be a massive miscalculation regarding braces because there would be more incoming permanent teeth and you won’t be sure about how they come up with. That’s why, it is recommended that braces work should be done after complete transition of the permanent teeth.

Does Insurance Cover Braces for a Child?

Braces in the mouth of a child

Normally insurance companies won’t cover orthodontics like braces, crowns and bridges;however, if it is related to children orthodontics or pediatric orthodontics, some reputable insurance companies may cover the partial cost of the pediatric orthodontics. Some insurance companies may have their premium plans in which they cover the orthodontics for kids too. Always consult with your insurance agent before going with pediatric dentistry.

How Many Pediatric Dentists in the U.S?

Unfortunately, there are not many pediatric dentists in the U.S covering such a large population. Today, there are around 5000 licensed pediatric dentists in the U.S despite so much awareness. This figure was alarming back in 2015, now people are actually understanding the real value of pediatric dentists and so there are more people doing specialization in pediatric dentistry. People need to take child orthodontics more seriously and they should know the 5 facts about kid’s orthodontics.

There may be some other problems too regarding pediatric dentistry, like thumb licking, double teeth or gum swelling after the birth of permanent teeth. The orthodontics for kids may guide you well about how to teach your children to take care of their oral health or how to clean their teeth. They may guide your children to the best hygiene practices like regular brushing, regular rinsing or swishing after each meal. They may also suggest the best toothpastes and the best toothbrushes for children for their temporary teeth and the early permanent teeth.

You must consult with a specialized pediatric dentist about these matters. A pediatric orthodontist may guide you well whether some early orthodontic procedures are required or not. A pediatric orthodontist may guide you well about your child’s mood swings during tooth birth. In the same way, a child orthodontist may guide you well about the number of orthodontic measures to be taken for a perfect smile for children.

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