Invisalign is a better method to fix your teeth alignment because it is almost invisible treatment unlike the metallic braces; however, it is highly recommended to keep them clean off and on using the best Invisalign retainer cleaner or the Invisalign retainer cleaning crystals. You can also use the hydrogen peroxide with warm water in your clean Invisalign retainer to remove stains from your Invisalign. These few methods should be used regularly to keep your Invisalign clear, otherwise your Invisalign may get stained quickly. It is among the top Invisalign side effects but you just can’t rate them below the braces after just one bad thing about them. You should consult a detailed comparison between Invisalign and braces to know – is Invisalign better or braces?

Well, let’s just talk about cleaning an Invisalign, its cleaning importance and the number of methods to do it. Let’s check all the FAQs regarding Invisalign retainer cleaner and the Invisalign retainer cleaning crystals

FAQs Regarding Invisalign Retainer Cleaner

How often Should I Clean My Retainer?

It is recommended that you should clean your invisalign retainer with hydrogen peroxide or cleaning crystals, whichever you may prefer, everytime you remove them before eating or sleeping. If you can’t do it every single time then you must clean your invisalign retainer twice a day, otherwise they may get yellow or stained quickly and there won’t be any benefit of choosing an invisalign over braces. You must check 10 key facts about invisalign to know everything about invisalign and their importance plus maintenance.

How to Clean Invisalign Retainer at Home?

Woman washing invisalign braces under the water tap

You can clean your invisalign retainer at your home using basic things and some guidelines. These are 5 major steps to clean your invisalign retainer at home.

1) Rinse Your Invisalign Retainer with Lukewarm Water

The very first step is to rinse your invisalign retainer with the lukewarm water to kill some possible germs there. The water should not be too hot or too cold otherwise, it may distort the invisalign retainer.

2) Use Toothpaste to Gently Clean the Invisalign Retainer

You can use your regular toothpaste and gently clean your invisalign retainer from inside out by gently applying it with a retainer brush or soft bristled brush, so it may not put scratches on the retainer.

3) Rinse the Invisalign Retainer again

Once you have applied the toothpaste inside out the retainer, you need to rinse your retainer again in the lukewarm water.

4) Check if Advanced Cleaning Is Required or Not

Thoroughly check if there is any calcium or tatar buildup in your retainer or not. If there is not any kind of white or stained film, you are good to go. Otherwise, you need to go for the best invisalign retainer cleaner like cleaning crystals or the hydrogen peroxide.

5) Soak Your Invisalign Retainer into an Advanced Retainer Cleaner

If you notice some calcium buildup in the retainer that cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush, try soaking your cleaning retainer in a lukewarm water along with some advanced retainer cleaner solution that may have the hydrogen peroxide in it.

How to Deep Clean Invisalign Retainer?

Invisalign aligner and cleaning tablet

If your invisalign retainer has some stains in it, it requires a deep cleaning. For a deep cleaning, you need to make the best invisalign retainer cleaner solution by mixing the hydrogen peroxide in the lukewarm water and you need to soak your retainer in that solution for a couple of hours and then brush it with soft bristled brush soaked with baking soda. This deep cleaning method would clean all of the stains, germs and tartar buildup from your invisalign retainer.

What are Cleaning Crystals for Invisalign?

Three invisalign cleaning crystal packs

Invisalign retainer cleaning crystals are known as the best invisalign retainer cleaners. They are soaked into the lukewarm water to make a highly effective solution. They are highly effective against all kinds of germs, bacteria and infection and they provide thorough cleaning and sometimes they may provide even better cleaning than cleaning your invisalign retainer with hydrogen peroxide solution.

What Denture Cleaner is Best for Invisalign?

A denture, invisalign retainer and a glass of water and cleaning tablet

The cleaning crystals are considered as the best denture cleaner for invisalign because they are specifically made for this purpose. Besides that, a solution of lukewarm water with hydrogen peroxide may also be considered to clean invisalign retainers.

Is Retainer Brite Safe for Invisalign?

Yes, Retainer Brite is just another disinfecting tablet that may get soaked in lukewarm water and give you an effective germ killing solution. You may soak your invisalign into that solution to disinfect your invisalign after each time you wear it off. There is no harm in using the Retainer Brite for cleansing the Invisalign as long as you follow the proper instructions of using it; however, you may rinse your invisalign properly within lukewarm water before putting it back into your mouth.


You should keep your invisalign retainer clean and disinfected everytime. There are many invisalign retainer cleaners available in the market like invisalign cleaning crystals or Retainer Brite. You can also make an invisalign retainer cleaner solution at your home by mixing hydrogen peroxide in the lukewarm water. If there is any kind of tartar buildup in your invisalign retainer, you should go for deep cleansing methods like soaking the retainers in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and brushing them with baking soda. If you find any difficulty or if you have any queries related to invisalign, you may contact the professionals that are providing the best invisalign services in Stevensville MD.

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