Timely toothbrush replacement is one of the most important routines of your dental care. Many people don’t know its importance but in reality, it is very important to replace the toothbrush heads after a certain time because their bristles become shorter and tangled after a few months.There is also a possibility that if your overused bristles won’t reach all areas of the mouth, it would cause a mouth bad taste problem. Check out and follow top 5 oral hygiene routines to avoid such oral problems and schedule your toothbrush replacement.

How Long Toothbrushes Last?

It depends on the usage and the quality of a toothbrush plus how gently or vigorously you use that toothbrush. On average, if you regularly use the toothbrush twice a day according to suggested guidelines, your toothbrush may last well till 4-5 months;however, it is still preferred to change it after a 3 months or if your brush has caught some dirt or an infection.

In some cases, if your toothbrush carriage is placed under sunlight for several hours. There is a possibility that the nylon bristles of the toothbrush may melt down and lose their original shape. That toothbrush may not be feasible for regular brushing. Do consider changing it.

When Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

A used and new toothbrush

In an ideal situation, you must replace your toothbrush after every 6 months. It is recommended by our general dentistry services that you should brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes, so there is a higher chance that the soft bristles of your toothbrush would no longer be capable of providing the desired cleaning service after such an excessive usage.

In other scenarios, you should replace your toothbrush after an excessive exposure to a viral infection. If any of your family members has caught a viral fever, you are supposed to change the toothbrushes of every single member of the family to avoid any possible viral attacks.

If you brush really hard, or you use your toothbrush while wearing the braces on, the bristles of your toothbrush would lose their original shape very soon. You may need to replace your toothbrush after a month or two, if you are having braces.

Is Using an Old Toothbrush Bad?

It is a risky approach to keep using an old toothbrush. We should not say that it is bad to use an old toothbrush but it is recommended that you should change your toothbrush after three months because the bristles may not be as effective as they were in the beginning. There would be a chance of plaque after a bacterial infection due to less effectiveness of the bristles that are out of shape.

Further, there is a chance that millions of bacteria begin to reside in an older toothbrush and there may be mold growth on your toothbrush head.

The dentists suggest that you should not be putting an instant cap on your toothbrush head as there is still moisture on the head that may grow the bacteria if it is capped. That’s why you should let the toothbrush dry before putting it back into the safe carriage. Most of us don’t care about it and that is concerning. That’s why, it is a good approach to get rid of an old toothbrush after every third month. If you use an electric toothbrush, try to change its head after regular intervals.

How and When to Replace Toothbrush Head?

A new and a used toothbrush

It is recommended that you should replace the toothbrush head of your electric toothbrushes after every 3-4 months. As you know the head of an electric toothbrush may wear down due to an excessive circular motion over your teeth. The toothbrush head may itself get affected while continuous cleansing of the dirty bacteria. If the bristles of your electric brush are worn down, they may hurt the gums too because they continuously apply the same pressing force as they were applying further. A regular toothbrush head replacement ,after every three months, may keep you away from these problems. Let’s have a look at the toothbrush head replacement method.

The Toothbrush Head Replacement Method

Man changing philips toothbrush head

Following steps are needed to make an efficient toothbrush head replacement.

  • First of all you should grab your toothbrush head and the stick in separate hands
  • Secondly, you should gently remove your toothbrush head by applying force in a circular motion after putting your thumb on three dots. Now your toothbrush head is removed.
  • Remove the battery too by lifting up the cap in the suggested direction.
  • Clean the brush head by moisturizing it a little and clean the bristles from any dry paste leftover.
  • Let the battery dry after cleaning it. Otherwise it may get short due to moisture.
  • Now,put the new brush head in the opposite direction as you were pulling out the brush head.

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