There are different types of braces and one of the most suitable options is surely the ceramic brace. Ceramic braces are just like the metallic braces in design but they won’t appear like them rather they are transparent like invisalign. That’s why the ceramic braces cost in the USA is slightly higher than the metallic braces but the price for ceramic braces is definitely lower than the invisalign. If you are curious to know how much you have to pay for the ceramic braces in the USA especially in Maryland, then you have to go through the whole content.

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost Generally?

Dentist checking a woman ceramic braces

Generally, the ceramic braces are the clear braces that won’t be noticed by others and they are made from crystal clean materials, so they are more expensive than the metallic braces which are easily noticeable. Whenever you do a comparison between a clear vs metal braces cost, you may find a noticeable gap of around $1000 because their main design and the purpose is the same despite the material.

On the other hand, if you compare the prices of ceramic braces with the invisalign that also provide the same aesthetic purpose i.e. transparent orthodontic procedure, you may have to spend several extra bucks like $2000 to $3000 for the invisalign because that is definitely an expensive procedure than the braces in general.

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost without Insurance?

If you are curious about how much would be the price of ceramic braces with insurance and without insurance, you have to understand the whole dental insurance industry and the orthodontics procedures in the US. Unfortunately,  many dental insurances won’t cover the orthodontic procedures and dental surgeries in their basic plans. They just cover the normal routine dental checkups and basic hygiene costs. So, you have to go through the orthodontic costs complete guide in the USA to estimate the price of ceramic braces with or without insurance.

Despite a general trend of not covering the orthodontics, some generous dental insurance companies are willing to offer you the coverage of orthodontics in their premium plans. Some cover full orthodontics costs, others cover a specific share of it. You must know about them and buy their premium dental insurance plans as soon as possible because they are still worth more than basic plans that won’t cover any of the orthodontics. There are about 5 insurances to cover orthodontic costs in the USA and Maryland.

Ceramic Braces vs the Metallic Braces Cost?

Ceramic vs metal braces

The cost of metallic braces is always lesser than the ceramic braces cost. There are a number of factors that make ceramic braces or clear braces expensive. Firstly, there is a general perception that ceramic braces or clear braces provide better aesthetics during the orthodontic treatment as they are less noticeable. This social perception is the most powerful factor that urges teenagers to go for the ceramic braces rather than the metallic braces. Secondly, the material that makes the ceramic brackets is more expensive than the stainless steel brackets used in metallic braces. Furthermore, the clear braces or ceramic braces can also be colorized to make them properly blended with the teeth color, so the colorization cost of brackets plus wire is also added up in their general cost.

There is one important point to consider about choosing a certain kind of braces: either ceramic or metallic. It is not necessary that ceramic braces are more expensive, so they would always be better. The metallic braces are surely the better options in many cases especially for children because they are cheaper, stronger, rigid and more durable than the ceramic braces. So, it is just not about how much you would pay for ceramic braces or metallic braces, it is also important to consider other factors too.

How much Are Ceramic Braces in Maryland?

There are a number of factors that determine the exact price of the ceramic braces in Maryland. The current teeth condition, the specific orthodontist and specific insurance policy would determine how much would be the cost of ceramic braces treatment in Maryland.

On Average, the ceramic braces or clear braces full course for orthodontic treatment costs around $3000-$8000 in Maryland. If you have any of the 5 premium dental insurance policies that cover partial or the full amount of ceramic braces, you may get a discount upto $1000-$1500.

In short, it all depends on the quality of the braces, the treatment and the hygiene responsibility. You should always go for an experienced orthodontist who may provide the best orthodontic services in Stevensville of Maryland and also provide you with a complete guideline about hygiene routine that you must follow to prevent any damage to the ceramic braces during treatment. If you closely follow the suggested schedule and you avoid all the preventive eatables like soft drinks, acidic foods and the colored beverages, you won’t need to replace your clear braces quite often and it would surely reduce your overall ceramic braces orthodontic treatment.


Ceramic braces provide the same orthodontic treatment like the metallic braces but their brackets are made with the clear material that is not easily visible. So, ceramic braces are a cheaper option if you want to go for invisalign just for the transparent aesthetics. You may still need to pay some extra bucks for ceramic braces as compared to the price of metallic braces. Now it’s up to you what you prefer. It is also to be noted that ceramic braces demand some extra care and responsibility by the owner because they are less durable than metallic braces and they may get stained quite easily. So, ceramic braces won’t be suitable for little children. If you are a teenager and you don’t care about how much would be the cost of ceramic braces but you are more concerned about the transparent aesthetics, only then you may consider the ceramic braces or even you may consider invisalign as an easier orthodontic procedure.

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