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People do not know the types of root canal. Most people do not even know the exact procedure of a root canal. Some people just know the basics about root canal treatment but do not know that there are some root canal treatment types too. You should be aware of the fact that all concerned patients will not be dealt with the same root canal therapy but there are several root canal therapy types for different kinds of patients.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment is all about pulling about the infected pulp and the infected nerves, and refilling the vacant space with a replaced amalgam to make the tooth useful again. It is recommended that root canal should be done by the professional endodontists because they have done specialization in it after passing out from a dental college. If you do not know much about endodontics, you should check all the interesting facts about endodontics.

3 Main Root Canal Treatments

There are 3 major root canal treatment types. A professional endodontist may recommend you any one of these 3 types of root canal therapy. These root canal types differ with respect to the condition of the infectious tooth or pulp. Your endodontist may recommend any one of these root canal therapy to achieve the end goal efficiently.

Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment

four teeth that is treating by Non-Surgical Root Canal

Non-Surgical root canal treatment is the most famous among all three types of root canal treatment. It can also be taken as a default root canal treatment. It is the most basic root canal treatment where all the infectious pulp and nerves are pulled out from the center of the tooth and then it is sealed with the filling material.

It works well for most of the patients who consider the root canal treatment at the early stages of infection. Therefore, little infectious pulp is easily removed and there are lesser chances of complications unless the patient would have taken too long to consider the root canal treatment.

Apicoectomy Procedure

It is also called a microsurgical root canal therapy. Whenever a normal root canal treatment is done but there is some infectious pulp remaining in the tooth, the patient may feel an unbearable trauma pain after a few months. Then, Apicoectomy procedure is done to pull out all the remaining pulp. Little part of the tooth root is cut off and all the infectious pulp is completely removed after giving the anesthesia to the patient. Then the jawbone heals after a few months. Then, the patient may resume eating in a routine fashion.

Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy

a tooth in the pulpotomy and pulpectomy treatment process

These types of root canal treatments are specific for the little children. They can be called the root canal for children. Both of these procedures are used to save the permanent tooth of children but there is a slight difference between both of these treatments.

The pulpotomy is the recommended one where only the infected pulp is removed in the early stages of the infection.

The pulpectomy deals with pulling out all the pulp because it is done when the whole pulp is infected. That is why it also includes a little surgery part to remove all the pulp and put the fling material in the tooth.

These are the three types of a root canal in the US. If your children are facing the infected pulp in either of the teeth, you should consult an endodontist and make your children have a pulpotomy, which is a dedicated therapy for the children among all the root canal therapy types.

If you are in the early stages of an infected pulp, you can go with a traditional root canal therapy, which is a non-surgical root canal treatment. If you have already been treated with non-surgical root canal therapy but there is still some infected pulp remaining in your tooth or the nerves, you should go with a detailed apicoectomy root canal procedure in which some of the surgery would be involved after the usage of anesthesia.

If you want a root canal in Kent Island MD, make sure to go to a professional endodontist who specializes in orthodontics. Only he would suggest you the best possible root canal therapy along with the safest ways, so you may not have any kind of root canal therapy side effects in the future.

An average root canal cost in the US ranges from $500-$1500 depending on your tooth condition plus the location and dental plan.There are many professional dental clinics in Kent Island MD like Thompson Dental Clinic, they have some special price plans for you including several payment options, loans and insurance policies. That is how you can save a considerable amount. Otherwise, you would complain like many people that root canal treatment is among the costliest dental treatments.

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