The Covid-19 has massively diturbed our daily routines. Our covid-19 attention has been improved after the third wave of coronavirus. Most people are addicted to wearing masks while going outside. It’s a good practice to keep wearing masks but most of us feel a bad breath under a mask after a few minutes of wearing the mask. Furthermore, if we keep wearing the face mask that smells bad, bad taste in the mouth follows the bad breath.

Is there a connection between a bad breath and COVID or is it normal to feel a bad breath under a face mask?

Let’s see what are the major reasons for bad breath under a mask and why the face mask smells bad. If you also feel a bad breath under a mask or your face smells bad these days. Keep reading.

Why Does Wearing a Mask Make Your Breath Smells Bad?

a woman has bad breath under her mask

If your face mask smells bad or you are facing a bad breath under your face mask, you may be facing halitosis. Halitosis is a dental condition that causes bad breath. One of the major reasons for such bad breath and halitosis is the leftover food in the teeth due to poor oral hygiene.

Let’s see all other possible reasons for a bad breath under a mask during COVID.

1) Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene may be the first of the reasons behind your bad breath under a face mask and you would be wrongly associating the bad breath and COVID. There is no such evidence that links the bad breath and COVID but your poor oral hygiene may be the top factor behind your bad breath.

Sometimes, people don’t follow a suggested brushing and flossing routine or they don’t do the brushing or flossing right. The bacteria may stick between their teeth and begin to react with an upcoming food releasing several odours that stink. You need to replace your toothbrush and go for a special toothbrush that may actually reach and clean all the hidden places between teeth.

2) Consumption of Alcohol or Other Stinky Food

There is also a possibility that you may consume the stinky food or drink like onion or alcohol respectively. Some foods and drinks have special strong odours that remain in our mouth for 24-48 hours. If we won’t let that odour leak out properly and keep wearing a mask. There is a chance that our mask would be affected by that strong odour and we would keep facing the bad breath behind our face masks.

3) Dry Mouth

The dry mouth can also lead to a bad breath if we keep wearing the face mask. There are many possible reasons for dry mouth like respiratory illness, lesser saliva production or overconsumption of dry food may lead us to a dry mouth. Dry mouth may be a cause of bad breath that is felt more under a face mask.

4) Ketosis

Ketosis is a specific condition in which the body begins to burn fat for producing energy. Normally it happens when there is not enough protein in our diet and we keep on consuming the carbs. That fat burning process makes some unpleasant odours. So, ketosis may also be one of the reasons for your bad breath under the face mask during COVID.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

A man has a bad breath

If you want to get rid of bad breath, you need to follow some strict oral hygiene routine. Some of the key points of an oral hygiene routine are following:

  • Brush twice a day with a good toothbrush that actually reaches everywhere.
  • Floss at least once a day or floss after every meal.
  • Use excessive water to avoid the bad breath.
  • Don’t overuse the food that smells bad or have extra sugar like alcohol, onion and candies.
  • If you wear braces or invisalign, don’t forget to clean them daily.
  • You can discuss this matter with the general dentist and have some remedies. Is dentistry safe during Covid19?

What is the Best Mask to Treat Bad Smelling?

4 main types of face masks

No face mask itself causes the bad breath and no facemask treats the bad breath. Bad breath is caused by some other means and wearing a mask just makes us feel bad breath because our bad breath is reflected to our nostrils through our mask.

We should always use those masks that have transmission channels, like N95. Such masks have a special exhalatory vent that assists us in releasing the carbon dioxide and inhaling the oxygen. N95 is considered as the most safe mask that won’t allow any harmful chemicals and viruses enter. That’s why, if you have a fresh breath, you can avoid the external nuisance-level smells with the help of N95 mask.


If you feel a bad breath under a mask during COVID or your face mask smells bad, there is nothing associated with the COVID or the mask but the bad breath is only associated with poor oral hygiene. Just try to follow a strict oral hygiene routine and you can avoid this bad smell under your face mask during COVID. Further, try to use a better mask like N95 that has a special filter that won’t allow any nuisance level smells passing through it. By having a better oral hygiene routine and a better mask, you won’t face bad breath under the mask during COVID.

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