There are many different types of braces in the market but the most popular ones are the clear braces and the metal braces. Clear braces and metallic braces both work fine for the alignment of the teeth. They both have a wired brackets structure. The braces are a cheaper orthodontic treatment as compared to the invisalign. That’s why many people prefer the braces. There are other specific facts regarding invisalign vs braces that may hint the braces as a better choice. Well, you must be specific while choosing between clear braces vs metallic braces. So you must know everything about clear vs metal braces pros and cons including clear vs metal braces cost and their aftercare.

What is a Difference between Clear and Metal Braces?

The only difference between the metal braces and clear braces is their appearance. The metal braces are made with the visible brackets and these brackets are tied up with a metallic wire. On the other hand, clear braces are made with clear ceramic brackets. Clear vs metal braces should not be a tough discussion as they both work almost the same despite the fact that there is a slight difference between the clear vs metal braces cost.

Which is Better: Clear or Metal Braces?

Cermic and metal braces

It only depends on the specific patient because the procedure and the structure of braces is the same for both, except their appearance. There are some specific clear vs metallic braces pros and cons including their cost. You must know about them before choosing a specific one.

Metal Braces Pros and Cons


  • On the top of metal braces pros and cons is their reasonable price.
  • Metal braces need less aftercare because they won’t get rusty with ease.
  • Metal braces work faster and they provide quick results due to strong metallic grip.


  • Their visibility is considered as their top drawback.
  • Their tight grip may be painful in the initial weeks.
  • They may create mouth sores to some sensitive people.

Clear Braces Pros and Cons


  • Clear braces serve the aesthetic purpose as well. They are not much visible, so they are preferred choice by the teenagers.
  • Clear brackets don’t irritate the gums because they are not rigid as the metallic ones.


  • Clear braces are more expensive than normal metal braces.
  • Clear braces bring extra aftercare responsibility as the clear brackets get rusty and need to be replaced after a few weeks.
  • Another important difference regarding clear braces vs metal braces pros and cons is their durability. Clear braces are less durable than metal braces.

In a nutshell, clear braces are less noticeable and they serve the aesthetic purposes as well. So, if a teenager is concerned about its self image or self-confidence, clear braces are better as they are less noticeable. If a child needs to wear the braces, the metallic braces are better as they need less aftercare and they are cheaper; further, there are not any drawbacks of metal braces as we are told by 12 myths about metal braces.

Are Clear Braces More Expensive than Metal?

Money holding with teeth model wearimg with clear braces

For sure, clear braces are more expensive than metal braces. Clear braces are the latest types of braces; that’s why, they use the amalgam of different ceramics to provide the aesthetic purpose as well. They are also available in several shades;moreover, you can blend any particular shade to fully match it with your teeth. On average, clear vs metal braces cost has an average difference of 1500$. Clear braces are more expensive than metal braces. The metal braces cost you around 3000$ to 6000$ but the clear braces cost you around 4000$ to 8000$. It depends on your daily routine, aftercare and your diet. If you take care of your daily routine and the diet, your braces won’t get stained and you won’t change quite often. If you completely follow a preventive diet plan and aftercare instructions i.e. flossing and brushing teeth daily while having a braces, you would soon get your desired results.

After getting all the details about clear vs metal braces and their pros and cons, you may get confidence in choosing anyone of them;however, you must consult a professional orthodontist before going for any particular type of braces. Sometimes, there are some minor doubts where only professionals can give you the clear perception. That’s why it is good to have the early notes about both types of braces but you must visit a reputable and trusted dental office like Thompson to have expert adsvice, full dental checkup and any consultancy regarding metal braces in Kent Island MD. They have some special discount offers as well for their special customers. Whenever, you find any ambiguity or confusion regarding braces while consulting online literature, you must consult the professionals. Most of them are providing free online consultancy via emails.

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