Tooth extraction aftercare is much necessary to get a quick recovery from the toothache or swelling after the surgery. Especially, when the tooth extraction is done after the tooth decay symptoms. A general aftercare for tooth extraction consists of taking proper rest, avoiding any grinding or chewing activities and avoiding cold or hot food. There are some other specific tooth extraction aftercare instructions that are linked with wisdom tooth extraction aftercare. It is all related to a general dentistry.  You must check out what the general dentistry is, what are the general dentistry services and what the general dentistry guides you about tooth extraction aftercare. A general dentist performs the tooth extraction surgery with extreme care and precautions. 

You won’t feel any kind of pain during the tooth extraction that is done under the influence of an anesthesia;however, the blood eruption and the stitches may cause some damage, so you are quickly advised to use mouth gauze right after the surgery and avoid any eating, drinking or chewing activity for a few days. 

There are several instructions and queries about the aftercare of tooth extractions related to eating, drinking, brushing and rinsing etc. Many people are confused about several eating or drinking aspects after the tooth extraction. We have collected all the general FAQs related to aftercare of tooth extraction covering several aspects of oral aftercare of tooth extractions.
Following are some of the FAQs related to eating and drinking guidance about tooth extraction aftercare.  

FAQs Related to Tooth Extraction Aftercare

How is Orthodontic Surgery Performed?

Orthodontic surgery is a jaw surgery, which is done to align the jaw bones to improve the teeth functionality. The major orthodontic surgery types deal with the biting problems. The overall orthodontic surgery procedure is to resolve any kind of overbite, crossbite or Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) issues, which cannot be resolved with simple orthodontics procedures.

How Long after Tooth Extraction Can I Drink?

You can simply drink normal water after one or two hours but if you are looking to drink any soda, acidic drink or an alcohol, you must wait for at least a week after tooth extraction. It is strictly prohibited in the tooth extraction aftercare instructions manual. You can not drink even a simple water if it is too cold or too hot to drink.  

When Can I Drink Out of a Straw after Tooth Extraction?

Normally, you should avoid any suction activity for the 24-48 hours after the tooth extraction procedure. If you do so, there is a chance of losing the blood clot which may lead you to have a dry socket; therefore, you must wait for 48 hours after the tooth extraction before going for drinking from a straw. 

Can I Drink Soda after Tooth Extraction?

No, you are strictly prohibited from drinking any acidic drink or soda just after the tooth extraction. It is probably listed in one of the top 3 tooth extraction aftercare instructions. Just wait for a week until your teeth recover from an extraction injury. Don’t let your stitches or wounds be affected by the acidic drinks. 

When Can I Smoke after Tooth Extraction?

You should wait for a few days before resuming the smoking. The aftercare of tooth extraction is much more important and you just can’t do smoking or drinking alcohol right after the extraction surgery. Let the surgery stitches heal before going for such harmful activities.

When Can I Smoke after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

You can smoke after 3-4 days after wisdom tooth extraction. It is listed in the basic wisdom tooth aftercare instructions. When you take care of the aftercare of tooth extractions, you need to be extra cautious related to wisdom tooth extraction, because it may cause extra problems and infections than a normal tooth extraction. 

When Can I Eat Solid Food after Tooth Extraction?

When Can I Eat Solid Food after Tooth Extraction_

You are strictly advised not to eat any solid food for at least 48-72 hours right after the tooth extraction. For the first 24 hours, you are strictly advised to go with the drinks. The next day, you can try using mashed potatoes or other mashed vegetables. Do not eat any solid food until you get fully recovered. 

How Long to Use Gauze after Tooth Extraction?

You should use the gauze in your teeth right after the tooth extraction. The recommended time for keeping the gauze into your mouth is around 45-60 minutes. It prevents the chance of having the dry socket and it encourages the blood clot to be formed there. 

Can I Brush My Teeth after Tooth Extraction?

No, you are not advised to use the brush till the next 24-48 hours after the tooth extraction. Your teeth or gums may become injured or swelled; therefore, you are strictly advised to use just a normal rinse to clean your mouth. Don’t swish so hard with the water, mouthwash or any rinse. Just keep it as calm as possible. These are some general FAQs related to aftercare of tooth extraction guides. In General, tooth extraction is a process of removing a decayed tooth due to any infection or decay. There are two types of extractions that refer to the extent of tooth extraction aftercare instructions. 

If your tooth is simply removed by just making it loose with an elevator, you may get quick recovery. On the other hand, if you needed to go with a surgical extraction -there needed a bone cutting process too, you may need to restrict yourself from any kind of cold, hot, acidic or narcotics like smoking or drinking for 7-10 days. 

Tooth extraction aftercare depends on the nature of the extraction surgery. You may get quick recovery if the surgery went well;therefore always choose the best services regarding tooth extraction in Kent Island MD by the professional dentists. 

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