Braces are surely a blessing for the people facing different kinds of non-alignment in their teeth; still the usual metal braces might not be liked by many. Though, some are perfectly fine to have their teeth bonded with a set of metal brackets and other metal components passing through. Some might just not feel easy that way.

Focusing on the variety of likings as well as budgets presented within their patients, orthodontists have managed to come up with tons of different types of brackets. All of these dental brackets types are specifically good in one or another perspective. Consider your easiness and budget with respect to each type to finalize one good option.

What are the Different Types of Brackets for Braces?

Standard orthodontic brackets

As mentioned before; today, there are many different dental brackets types. Here are mentioned all 8 types of orthodontic braces in detail. You can easily find the one for your braces.

1) Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic brackets or more commonly known as aesthetic brackets are loved because of their translucent look. Though they become a bit yellowish with the passage of time, it is hard to detect them in the beginning. If you cannot get along with the idea of metal on your teeth, these might be your go-to braces.

2) Plastic Brackets

Plastic brackets, another among the types of brackets in orthodontics, provide both aesthetics and comfort at the same time. The plastic fibers are colored to match the patient’s teeth. Apart from that, their soft edges will lessen the discomfort to a great extent. However, they might lack durability in comparison to other types of orthodontic brackets.

3) Risen Brackets

When it comes to preferring aesthetics, there are quite a number of different orthodontic bracket types that patients can go for, but resin brackets are the best in the sense of aesthetics. These almost transparent brackets won’t let you even feel a thing but their super soft structure also makes them less durable. Hence, these might not be an option for those who need high tension for their treatment.

4) Stainless Steel Brackets

Stainless steel brackets are not only the most commonly used metal brackets but also the best brackets out there, both in terms of durability and budget. These stainless steel brackets are being used by orthodontists from the very beginning.

5) Cobalt-Chromium Brackets

Cobalt-chromium brackets are actually another type of metal orthodontic bracket. As evident by their name, they are made up of cobalt and chromium. These are high-strength and corrosion-resistant metals. They are particularly helpful for the patients who need high tension and also for those who would like their treatment to be sooner.

6) Sapphire Brackets

Sapphire brackets are another type for those looking for aesthetic options. They are made up of sapphire fibers which can camouflage according to your teeth color.

7) Low Friction Self-legating Brackets

These brackets come in different material options. Your patients can either go for metallic one or for ceramics but this is not what they are known for. These brackets do not need regular adhesive or elastic bands. Their special design offers the required tension and movement at the same time.

8) Lingual Brackets

Lingual brackets are no different from other metallic orthodontic bracket types. The only difference is that they are attached to the back of your teeth instead of the front. This is especially attractive for the ones going for aesthetic options. Other than that, they also save your teeth from excessive calcification.

What Do Different Braces Brackets Do?

What any orthodontic brackets part does

Though the different types of orthodontic brackets are known for their specific qualities, the main purpose is always the same. Orthodontic brackets are used as the main essence of dental braces. They are responsible for producing the required tension but the in-depth job differs for each different type of dental bracket. Some are good at durability, some at aesthetics; others lessen the discomfort to a great extent. In short, all these types of brackets in orthodontics have their own specifications.

How Do You Know What Orthodontics Brackets to Use?

different Brackets in teeth

By now, you would have an in-depth knowledge of different dental bracket types but you need to know how to choose the right ones for your treatment. First, finalize what you need in your brackets and what you are actually looking for. This could either be durability, reasonable budget, aesthetics, or even your personal dental comfort.

Here is a list of features with the suggested orthodontic bracket types for you to choose from.


Orthodontic brackets can get very expensive, so it is always the first thing to check for. If you have a very limited budget, it is better to use metal brackets. They are the cheapest plus they provide many other great features too. There are many interesting myths about metal braces like they can cause infection but that is not really true. They are absolutely safe to use.


Here are three levels of durability for orthodontic bracket types.

  • Most durable – Metal braces are the only king in this arena.
  • Moderately durable – Sapphire and ceramic brackets are also much durable.
  • Least durable – In the quest to achieve soft and hence comfy brackets, orthodontists came up with plastic and resin brackets. The softness rendered the brackets to be the least durable.


There are many types of orthodontic brackets that being either translucent or white are appealing to the aesthetics. These include sapphire, resin, plastic, ceramic, and lingual brackets. Though each one of them has its separate specialties, lingua is thought to be the best one.

Adhesion Capacity

Metal brackets have the best adhesion capacity making them preferable for children.

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene with braces on is definitely quite a task. People who find it tough to floss their teeth on a daily basis should know that metal braces will make it even tougher.

Speedy Alignment

Do you know what type of braces does work fast? That depends on the type of brackets. For a speedy alignment, go for the brackets providing more strength and tension. In this aspect, metal braces and especially the cobalt-chromium ones are the best.

Dental Comfort

Though all bracket types will provide some discomfort, you can lessen it to some extent with some brackets. Plastic brackets provide the best comfort being super soft and having smoothened edges.

If you still can’t find the solution to your problem, you should then go for different dental braces types instead of bracket types.

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