Braces are very beneficial for getting the perfect aligned smile but all types of dental braces may have many side effects for adults on teeth, face or lips; however, these side effects can be controlled following some guidelines of the professionals. If someone says that braces are very harmful and not beneficial, it’s just a myth. There are also some popular 12 myths about metal braces that must not be believed at all.

Well, there is still a possibility of some side effects of braces on teeth for adults. Let’s have a general overview about them.

What are the Side Effects of Braces on Teeth for Adults?

A young lady with braces is pointing at side effects of braces on teeth

Following are top 10 most common side effects of braces on teeth, face or lips for adults.

1) Mild Discomfort

Braces may cause the adults a mild discomfort because they are not habitual of wearing it. So, it may possibly be a discomfort for some early weeks to get used to.

2) Eating Difficulty

The adults may have some eating difficulty while wearing the braces. It is among top common side effects of braces on teeth because our teeth won’t be able to move as freely as they were without the braces.

3) Speech Difficulty

The braces may not allow the adults to speak properly because their teeth are not allowed to move freely due to tight metallic wires and brackets. So most of the adults may lisp while wearing the braces on.

4) Jaw Pain

Whenever we talk about the side effects of braces on the face, jaw pain surely comes on top. Tight braces may cause a pain in the teeth and this pain may traverse tol the jaw especially if some jaw treatment were made before installing the braces.

5) Irritation

Most teenagers or adults may face an irritation while wearing braces because they clearly are not usual to such metallic wires and the brackets before.

6) Mouth Sores

After a consistent irritation, there are high chances of mouth sores due to braces in the early weeks.

7) Disturbed Eating

Obviously, the disturbance while eating is yet another side effect of braces for adults because they can’t eat everything freely while wearing braces and they have to be very cautious while chewing the eatables.

8) Allergic Reactions

Some adults may face some allergic reactions to the latex rubber that is commonly used in braces or metallic wire.

9) Extra Oral Hygiene Responsibility

The adults have to be extra vigilant regarding their oral hygiene routine after wearing the braces because it is more time consuming to brush your teeth thoroughly with your braces on and you won’t have to let any food leftovers stick to the braces. So, the adults should be responsible enough. That’s why there is a specific best age for adult orthodontics.

10) Possible Plaque Build Up

If the adults won’t take extra hygiene responsibility while wearing the braces on, there may be a possible plaque build up around the braces and the teeth that may lead to tooth decay as well.

Side Effects of Braces on Face

Happy woman wearing braces

The tight braces may change the shape of the adult’s face because it enforces the teeth repositioning, jaw repositioning and ultimately the cheeks of an adult may be pushed inwards or outwards due to a changed jaw position. That’s why, many adults may face a changed position and shape of their original face, jaw or cheeks.

Moreover, braces may force a realignment of your lips and nose to make a symmetrical smile. That may lead to a different nose shape or the lips shape and ultimately the whole face may give a different look – sometimes a better look or sometimes a strange look.

Side Effects of Braces on Lips

There are not any direct side effects of braces on lips as braces won’t directly affect the lips as they just have to align the teeth by repositioning the teeth to fill the overall space in the jaw in the best possible way to provide you a perfect smile; however, you may face your lips moving inwards or outwards due to repositioning of the front teeth; however, it does not mean that your lips have been reshaped just as any other surgery like botox treatment does.


The braces are still the favorite orthodontic treatment for many people because of their strong ability to fix even severe realignment issues but there may be some side effects of braces for adult on teeth, face or lips but they all are temporary and can also be avoided under the supervision of a professional orthodontist. However, If you choose an expert orthodontist to have metal braces services in Kent Narrows, MD; you won;t have to worry about all these possible side effects of braces for adults on teeth, lips or face. If you have any queries regarding the temporary or permanent side effects of braces, just head over to a professional dental office like Thompson Creek Dental.

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